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     Service Type – Do you need a home, condo or pre-listing inspection? A home maintenance inspection? Or is this for another service (mold, radon, asbestos)?
     Inspection Details – What is the general location and timeline for the inspection?
     Age – What is the approximate age of the subject property?
     Square Footage – What is the approximate square footage of the finished space, including the basement? (Please note: Most real estate listings only list the “above grade” square footage, which does not include the basement. Please provide us with the total square footage of the finished space, including the basement.)
     Apartments/Kitchens – Are there any additional apartments, “in-law” suites or extra kitchens? How many?
     Additional Services – Do you need any additional inspection or testing services, such as mold testing, air quality testing, radon screening, pool inspection, WETT (fireplace) inspection for insurance purposes, well and septic inspections?

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